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The Esim what a Quality tool! Practise and track how you are doing in the KA’s it was such a great help. Has great situational questions that are similar to the real exam. Passed the first time using the Esim and the 21 day study plan.

Kim PMP 2021-06; K/W Ontario, Canada

The exam simulator is a very important tool to use. It assists in understanding how to read and interrupt the questions. Start all the readings on time and keep them up. I am not strong at reading and memorizing. In turn I would complete the readings and highlight critical points then write out study notes. Each day I practiced the 5x10x49 table, then added in the outputs and eventually the formulas. I recommend taking all the quick & mini quizzes and the practice exams. When you complete each one, review your answers and understand why they are correct. I typically wrote out all the ones I got wrong and then reviewed in the text again till I knew it. Follow your study plan and adjust your focus as needed. At the end of each week I reviewed my weak areas focused in on them. When answering questions read the whole question & all the answers and watch for double negatives. Think of the Process Group and Knowledge area and you will be able to access the correct response.

Adam Sanderson PMP 2021-07 Chatham, Ontario Canada

Read the questions carefully and the answers even more so. Practice situational questions and learn to watch for red herrings. Understand how the processes interact with each other. When the answers to a situational question include hold a meeting look at it carefully because it is a good answer. Understand the formulas because a question might be about a formula but there is no math involved.

Wesley Reid P. Eng., PMP 2019-09 City of Barrie, Ontario Canada

The laminates and flash cards were my favorite materials! The PMP exams in the esim not only simulate the real exam but also gives you a hang of it in terms of complexity and difficulty. But more than any of the material, the biggest value I received is the continuous encouragement, support and guidance from Cindy!

Thara Thom: PMP 2019-07; London Hydro Ontario, Canada

The PMP exam is not easy. You need to comprehend and analyze situational questions that provide you with more information than you need, and select the BEST answer out of several correct ones. The eSim provided me with the confidence to approach the real exam and ensured I had the stamina to think and recall information for 4 hours. The feature “email an expert” was extremely helpful as I received prompt support on questions I didn’t understand. The eSim was definitely the most useful tool in my PMP study plan, and greatly contributed to my ability to pass on my first try.

Rebecaa Yang: PMP 2019-06; Ontario, Canada

eSim was a corner stone in my PMP study approach; at times the questions pointed to details in the material you may have skimmed over while reading the textbook, or course material but still very important to know! I always learned important do’s and don’ts specific to the multiple choice format of questions each time I took one to the eSIM exams or quizzes. Very thankful this was a part of my study regiment!

Katie Feltz; PMP 2016-12; Hurongeomatics Ontario, Canada

This package was great as a preparation tool for the exam and had a large role in me successfully passing the exam. Practice questions are the best way for me to study and this package provided me with that.

Andrea Weeks, PMP 2016-03

I found the simulator provided a very good simulation of what the exam would be like. From the quizzes to the practice exams. It was very helpful in helping me to target the areas I needed to improve on and helped me to gauge where I was at in my learning.

Nigel Henry, PMP 2015-05

The exam simulator was very useful in preparing for the PMP exam. The test reviews with PMBOK reference helped me to hone in on my weak areas. I am so very thankful that I enrolled in the PM STAR online course, it is what I attribute to me passing the exam. Thank you Cindy!

Lyn, PMP 2014-05

It helped me a great deal especially in learning mode where I could get explanations, ask questions; also good to practise sitting for 4 hours doing an exam.

Alice Geersten, PMP 2014-05-22

The exam simulator was very helpful as the results showing the score for each Knowledge area allows one to concentrate study efforts accordingly.
Frank Petras, PMP 2013-12

I'm very happy with PMStar's eSim. The questions were surprisingly close to the real exam and I liked that each question's ‘explanation' reasons for and against the existing answers and expands on knowledge. I ended up taking notes as I went through the questions and learnt all the little bits and pieces that are crucial to know during the exam. In my experience, Rita helped me to get the PMBOKs big picture and introduced me to all relevant concepts, but the PMStar questions made sure I knew when to use which concept, what its purpose is and a lot of details Rita doesn't expand on. I would recommend PMStar to everyone who wants valuable and effective exam preparation.
In addition, Cindy put a great deal of effort into the ‘condensed notes' that summarize each knowledge area's content and provide a lot of helpful visualizations to learn concepts. For example, this is where I learned the categorization of Analogue Estimating, Parametric Estimating and Bottom-Up Estimating.

Richard Guenther, PMP; 2013-12

I found the exam simulator, along with the condensed notes, an excellent source of learning material that I feel made a difference for me in succeeding. Knowing why you get questions right is just as important as correcting your understanding for why you get them wrong. For me, that reinforcement locked in my knowledge that I could effectively apply on exam day.
Bill, PMP; 2013-12

The eSim was great in determining you knew your stuff AND could apply the information based on situational questions.
Liz Skelton, PMP; 2013-12

The eSim is an amazing tool that provides a very good representation of the actual PMP exam. Aside from the study notes, this was likely the most important tool I had at my disposal when preparing and I would recommend it to everyone planning to take the PMP exam.
Jordan Simpson, PMP; 2013-12

The eSim is an EXTREMELY accurate simulation of both the experience and type of content in the real PMP exam. It was without doubt the the most important study tool for me when preparing for the PMP exam. I would recommend the e-Sim to anyone preparing for the exam -- well worth the price of admission!

Jayme Gualtieri, PMP; 2013-12

The exam simulator is very useful to help me prepare for the PMP exam. First it has over 1,000 questions, covering all knowledge that need to know for the exam. Secondly, it let me practise a lot in a real exam mode. Thank you Cindy and the PMStar simulator exams. The whole thing helped me prepare and pass the PMP exam in a month on the first try.

Lily Zhang, PMP: 2013-11

I thought the exam simulator was great. The advanced exam was bang on to the real thing.

Jake Pottier; Manulife; PMP 2013-11

You need to make sure that you actually understand the material because questions are largely situational. There are only a few questions where you will know the answer right away, but don't panic – I finished the exam in about two hours and was able to do another scan through all questions in another hour. On second pass I realized that most questions really only had one logical answer and seemed easier than when I first saw them. That made me feel much more confident about my answers. And it is definitely possible to pass without consulting any other books apart from PMBOK (and Cindy's study guide off course). 99% of questions come straight from the PMBOK, but they're applied through real-world situations. So make sure you do a lot of mock exams though the eSim – I did them all in “learning” mode as I found that being able to find out the answer and the explanation right away helped me a lot in figuring out the style of the questions and how to approach them.

Sasha Buchan PMP 2013-11-24

I found the exam simulator to be extremely valuable in studying. The more questions I did, the more I learned, even when I answered the question wrong, there was feedback on the correct response. I liked that there short and long quizzes/tests. I started by doing all of the quick quizzes. Then for the mini quizzes, I focused first on the areas that I didn't do as well on in the quick quizzes. Then I went back and did the quick quizzes over that I had previously had more issues with. Finally, I went on to the full exam. I only fully completed one and then 25% of a second one. I could also tell how long it was taking me to complete and I was able to see that I was keeping pace with finishing on time. Once I started to write the actual PMP exam, I found that having done the exam simulator helped ease my mind and I was not stressed during the exam at all. In the end, I successfully passed! :) Thanks Cindy for all your support via email and your commitment to helping see me through the process. Jocelyn F. Lambier, P.Eng., PMP 2013-07

The Exam Simulator was the perfect tool - it provided exactly what I needed to prepare and pass the PMP! Audrey Gayno, PMP 2013-07

Excellent gauge of exam readiness. Derek Gelinas, PMP 2013-07 General Dynamics Land Systems Canada

Exam Simulator is an amazing tool - not allow does it test your knowledge but it provides a fun learning environment as well. Kalpa Dattani, PMP 2013-06 SunLife

Very close to the real exam. Sam Jarrah, PMP 2013-06

The exam simulator questions were structured the same way as the PMP exam questions. Use it early to help identify areas where you are less proficient. I am so glad it was part of the course. I actually think the eSim questions were more difficult and therefore had more confidence while writing the PMP exam. Shelley Kilby, M.Sc, P.Geo; PMP 2013-06 - Ministry of Natural Resources, London ON

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I used your free demo the day before my exam as a final prep and it was great. I wish I knew sooner about your prep material. It is excellent! Thank you. Rana PMP 2013-06

It would have been very difficult for me to have passed the PMP exam without the exam simulator since I constantly used it to check my understanding, learn strategies, and answer various questions. As a result, I was able to improve my knowledge using the explanation attached to each questions. This simulator has a very large database of more than 1300 questions, which covers many different examples and scenarios. It has also been able to prepare me as if I were taking real exam in terms of timing and marking questions for late review. More amazingly, the format of the questions (tricky and difficult level) were very much similar to my real exam. In the end, it turned out that my performance with the simulator was closely related to what I got at my PMP exam, which was a "PASS" on the first attempt. Xiaoming Guo, PMP 2013-06; CIMTEC (Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization)

I was shocked by how similar the actual exam was to the eSim exams and quizzes! Doing all the quizzes and exams on eSim was instrumental for me to pass the PMP exam! Almomen, Majid, PMP 2013-04; Proctor & Gamble

The eSim was an effective tool as it truly gave me the essence of what to expect at the exam. The situational questions alone will help you pass the majority of the questions on exam day. Cindy does a great job of making the eSim current by using lessons learned from her students. Good Luck! Amailia Karsonas, PMP 2013-05

I've already recommended PMStar to many people who are working on CAPM and PMP certifications! Joe Currivan, PMP 2013-02

I definitely like the layout of the eSim way better then the PMP exam. As you know, your eSim is one of the key differentiators from any of your competitors. I took 5 other tests on line and the content was of lower quality (and grade). D.J. Robbins, PMP
This course, the material given within it and the tools used after was very helpful in preparing me for the PMP exam. Not only did it guide me on what to study it showed me where I needed to focus on. Eric Apppleby, P.Eng, PMP

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